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Vintage style Farm wedding shoot

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These are images from our amazing spring wedding stylized shoot, when Roxana Albusel from Roxana Albusel photography got in touch with me and spoke with me about her vision I was so excited to help her with this shoot! We wanted to use vibrant flowers including garden roses for an elegant touch with lot of wild flowers!

With animals being such an integral part of the farm, our team thought it was important, (and a unique touch), to also include them – with wool products such as the colorful handmade blankets and a roll of spun wool on the table as part of the decor, inviting the animals themselves to make an appearance.

We focused our attention on the sheep, several one-week old baby lambs and the dedicated Border collie keeping us organized. We loved the charm of the farm! 

Photographer: Roxana Albusel Photography

Hair and Make up Artist: FB Make up and Hair 

Design and Decor: Spruce Vintage rentals 

Jewellery: The Borrowed Collection 

Apparel: Truvelle 

Cake Designer: When Pigs Fly Pastries