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Ashley and Reinier, Rustic garden style wedding

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Photo by: The Nickersons

Wedding Planner: Jackie VanVliet @ Happily Ever After weddings Face book

Venue: Camp Zajac Ranch

What moment during your day will stand out on your memory?

The ceremony! We worked with the very talented Randy Hamm at Young, Hip & Married to develop a ceremony that perfectly reflected us. And we wrote our own beautiful, heart-warming vows. Recently, we were runner-up at the BC Wedding Awards, a recognition of the impact of this special moment.

Why did you choose the particular flower or flower scheme ?

Our wedding was a camp wedding and we wanted it to feel cozy, but at the same time, absolutely gorgeous and a bit sophisticated. We collected vases, bottles and brass pieces to fill with beautiful, and most importantly colourful, flowers. We are a very happy couple and a bright colour scheme reflected that. White flowers were banned, even from my bouquet. 

I really wanted tulips; my husband is Dutch and they are my favourite flowers. But of course in August, they are a no-go. Lili was able to incorporate a few nice silk versions into the centrepieces though and we really appreciated this. My second favourite is peonies and Lili was able to surprise us with gorgeous peonies even though they were off-season. They were gorgeous! The garden roses, dahlias and roses, along with touches of other flowers, were perfect. Walking into the reception space for the first time, I was in awe.